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„Everything should be made as Simple as possible. But not Simpler”

Albert Einstein


Go back to the times when you were going to school and getting ready for that examination. Your professor – while answering the question what the most important was in 500 pages book – told you that…. everything. Due to this fact – the tremendous quantity of complicated issues caused that you were not aware which particular parts would have the biggest effect on your personal efficiency during you life to come.

When you started to run your own business, your company was developing dynamically and was safe. Withing the time being the number of your competitors increased. Then the marked changes really sped up. The players who refused to match the market reality – dropped out. Now, the complexity of business challenges has been reaching the level not met before, and the supply is significantly biger than the demand. Nobody can embrace all the market parameters, nor even the changes occurring in his company.

Dynamic environment
What is most important?

In connection with it, you want your company to be able to select these few elements that could be really transferred in building a competitive advantage. You are eager to apply Pareto Rule which says that 80% of results is generated from 20% of the investment. You care – for example – that your sales representatives while going to a meeting with a client would be precisely aware which of 3-5 behavior patterns during the discussion – would provide them with the highest efficiency. You would like it when the clarity resulting from the simplicity would give your people some motivation and the sense of being able to identify themselves even better in the surrounding reality.

Some simple tools – will enhance the effectiveness of your company.

Non-antagonistic Communication

Non-antagonizing communication gives your team some surprising effects in any negotiation process.

Systemic Thinking and Acting

Systematic thinking and operating has become the managerial tool which makes your people willing to want.

Transformational Sale

The transformation sale as the tool to use Pareto Rule by your sales rep.

You want to strengthen position of your comapny on market

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