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The biggest challenges of Polish company’s:

Najczęstsze wyzwania

Ability to get along with the slogan „price” whenever client mentions it.

High turnover of people’s potential in sales team.

Shortage of the right people at the market.

Lack of motivation in your sales team for regular visits of clients.

Low effectiveness of meetings with the client.

Lack of original ideas of how to approach the customer.


Negotiations are very often held with people of different nationalities.

The pressure associated with company’s security based on the negotiations of two large contracts.

The difficulties of negotiations when a company has made a mistake in execution of previous contract.

Contractors are focusing only on the price during the talks.

Aggressive or other difficult attitude felt from the other side during negotiations.

Strategic Management

Effective planning in the era of „economic chaos”.

Benefits of using financial analysis to make decisions.

Problems related to liquidity.

Relatively low margins.

Building a competitive advantage.

Creating a system to measure the effectiveness of the organization.

Market research and business environment.


Strong stand out from the competition.

Building the mechanisms of marketing synergy and sales.

Remain in Client’s mind as an expert in the industry.

Measurability of advertising effectiveness.

Effective sourcing of customers via online marketing tools.

Using brand new audiovisual forms of marketing.

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