Kompendium Zarządzania Strategicznego

12-13 stycznia, 16-17 lutego, 9-10-11 marca 2016 r. – Warszawa

Zyskaj spokój wynikający z tego, że Twoja Firma zmierza we właściwie zdefiniowanym kierunku.

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Together we increase competitiveness on the Polish business market.

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I’ve never believed in wonders and when I’ve started meetings with Krzysztof Sarnecki, we have almost got into a serious fight. But then there has been a radical of my attitude – not only me, but several other people has completed Quest Workshop – MBA I and II and the Sales Workshop. My people have believed in their possibilities and have begun to apply in their daily routine all the knowledge they had learnt. Our sales and customer relationships- now are on a completely different level than a year ago. We have new customers and new contracts from the current customers, our sales increased, and the collaboration among my people too. We are planning next trainings. The shortest sum up: Quest CM – it works!

Wojciech Dutkiewicz

President, Mostva

Mercedes - Sobiesław Zasada

Results of our cooperation:

1 place in Poland.
2 place in Europe.

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